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Tips Before Buying a Carpet - Carpets by Russell

A new carpet is an investment. Before purchasing, make sure the following questions are asked and answered:

  • Suitability - how much wear will your carpet receive? The hall, stairs and landing will need a heavier wearing carpet than the bedroom.
  • Longevity - how long do you reasonably expect your carpet to last?
  • Budget - how much can you afford? Don’t forget the cost of fitting and underlay.
  • Decoration - are you matching the carpet to a particular scheme and what are your future decorating plans? Choose your carpet first and install it last.
Underlay: A good underlay is essential not only to the feel of a carpet, but it's wearability too. Underlay improves the feel as well as the heat and sound insulation of a carpet - and can increase its life by up to 40%. Most sold in the UK is PU Foam or PU Rubber. For woven carpets we recommend SRF felt/wool blends on crumb rubber backing, such as Axfelt 65. We are happy to quote on ALL makes of underlay.

Our most popular brands are:

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Getting a good deal

Professional advice, measuring and fitting is important. We offer a free, no obligation measuring and estimating service Protection. Check whether a carpet has been treated with a protective finish, such as Scotchguard, to prevent permanent staining.

Ask for a leaflet on caring for and maintaining your new carpet.

Vacuuming at least twice a week in rooms you use most often should prevent dirt and grit from matting the fibres.

Vacuum new carpets several times to remove loose fibres that have worked their way to the surface.

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