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Carpet tiles are particularly beneficial in locations where conventional floorcoverings may be wasteful, or where a high level of through traffic is expected.

Those areas most affected by high traffic can easily be replaced without the expense of re carpeting the whole area. Carpet tiles are especially suitable for use in office environments as they offer a flexible carpet solution which makes for very easy access to the floor underneath. This means that technicians can easily gain access to underfloor pipes/cables in rooms that are constantly subject to change.

Carpet tiles come in a variety of colours and styles and are suitable for all household and commercial locations.

We can offer ranges of tiles from all leading manufacturers.

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With new ranges and new colours, our ranges of carpet tiles are now more than ever in tune with the latest colour trends in modern furnishing and home fabrics. Yet they are also highly practical and easy to live with. Some of our carpet tiles are antimicrobial and all help reduce allergic reactions to dust. Heuga is sustainable, leading some of the world's best-known brands in a recent survey of independent sustainability experts.

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